Archeologie Familiari/Family Archaeologies


Family Archaeologies is an exploration of the family house in Madognana, a small village in the Appenines about an hour’s drive from Bologna, and its association with my heritage. The house was inhabited and owned by generations of women: Tosca Lorenzini, my grandmother, Zelinda Evangelisti, my great grandmother, and Maria Vivarelli, “La Bersagliera”my great great grandmother, in a succession of bequests and going back since two centuries ago. Much of my work is connected with commemoration and history, particularly how the connection between both familial and social relationships shapes the very fabric of our existence. The project investigates this unexceptional dwelling and its female inhabitants, past and present. The house represents the autobiographical self, as Antonio Damasio writes.

"Family Archaeologies", artist's book, (2015) 30 x 22 cm, 19 archival pigment prints 10 x 15.