Passing by

These are just some of the images taken in the place that most characterizes the Cemetery of the Certosa in Bologna: the Third Cloister or the Cloister's Chapel, with its painted tombs of the early nineteenth century, typical of Bologna as deriving from the tradition of "quadratures" or trompe l'oeil. The people passing by were involved in the artistic process of the passage. I imagined the pain, the sadness, the memories and emotions. I waited for them to pass in front of the painted tombs to fix the flow of time in the background of the monuments that were thought to be eternal, but which don't last as well.


Published on issue 22 UNCERTAIN STATES 

Uncertain States is a lens -based artist collective who are passionate in creating, discussing and promoting photography. In this volatile global climate the work reflects some of our current concerns and challenges how perception is formed in our society on issue as diverse as politics, religion, and personal identity. Uncertain States is edited by Spencer Rowell, David George and Fiona Yaron-Field. Designed by James Youg. Printed by Sharman & Co Ltd, Peterborough.